Livable Housing / Universal Design

Livable homes, also known as homes designed to Universal Design principles, are safer and easier to access, navigate and live in. They are also more cost effective to adapt if circumstances change through illness or old age. Livable homes are long term homes for the whole community, regardless of age, ability, or changing life circumstances.


Do livable home designs cost more?

We can introduce a range of negligible cost livable home design measures into your project or we can take your project right through to Silver, Gold or Platinum Livable Housing Design certification. It's up to you.

How does a livable home design benefit me?

With a livable home design, you enjoy:

  • wider doorways and hallways, to ensure accessibility for all abilities (and prams!)
  • minimising steps within the house
  • accommodation for handrails where required (in bathrooms, for example) for current or future ageing in home requirements
  • generous room size for flexibility of space and improving mobility and accessibility
  • multipurpose room or house design for changing circumstances, for example ground-floor children’s rooms that can be adapted to master bedroom with ensuite in the future, or ensuring accommodation for a lift is designed into the home for future installation if required

We also design multi-generation homes where we can adapt a traditional large family home into two or perhaps three apartment-style dwellings to allow a family to share the site and minimise their overall ecological footprint.  

For more information contact us to discuss your needs and see Livable Housing Australia