Paving the way for agritourism - Bright


Looking to escape the city for a more sustainable lifestyle in Victoria’s High Country, our clients needed a new home to support self-sufficient family living and their future business plans.

Located on the outskirts of Bright overlooking popular Mystic Mountain, the brief called for a generous and comfortable space to cater for the varying needs of a blended multi-generational family. Our solution creates three separate zones that allow for both private and communal living, including a light-filled upper living space, a secluded lower floor bedroom zone nestled into the hill, and a large multi-purpose green roof.

Our challenge was to negotiate the complex site while adhering to passive design principles. This involved building within a designated farm zone, ensuring the new home was well positioned without compromising the existing site, and permaculture design management plans associated with their business ventures.

Borrowing from the local tobacco shed vernacular associated with the region, the design features cathedral ceilings and natural stone, timber and iron materials. A Certified Passive House, the new home will produce its own energy and water, and manage its own waste. Our design supports our clients’ vision to create a leading sustainable agritourism hub for the region, complete with an eco-retreat, permaculture workshops, an expansive nursery and fruit orchids.


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  • Certified Passive House

  • self-sufficient

  • family living

  • farm zone

  • complex site constraints

  • agritourism