The ultimate energy efficient home - prototype


If 6 energy star rating is the standard requirement throughout Australia for all new homes then a 10 star design is the best energy efficiency rating houses can get. Ten star homes should need very little heating or cooling, meaning negligible utility bills! However with only a handful of these pioneer projects built throughout Australia , we wanted to advance the cause.

In 2015, we entered the 10 Star Sustainable Design Challenge through the Building Designers Association of Victoria. Our challenge was to create a beautiful and affordable 10 star energy-rated new home design concept.

Our scheme is an off-grid Californian pavilion-style residence with all the standard requirements for a modern family home: three generous bedrooms, ample storage, two bathrooms, open plan living and dining, ease of access, privacy and acoustic separation.

The home is completely self sufficient and adopts prefabricated modular building systems to minimise site waste, labour and construction time – and save on costs. The plan allows for future zoning to suit multi-generational living and universal access opportunities, for aging in place. The elongated layout ensures excellent solar penetration, fresh air throughout the home, and views in every direction. Striking full-height operable glazed panels provide natural light and controllable cross ventilation through the dwelling.

Our 10 star energy rating design concept for this ultimate dream green and self-sufficient home won us the award. We have designed a number of 10 star concept projects suitable for various climate zones through Australia. Contact us if you’d like the ultimate environmentally sustainable design for your home!

Winner, 10 Star Sustainable Design Challenge, Building Designers Association of Victoria, 2015, with Graham Energy.


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